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Join our community of affiliates who are part of the mission to bring people health by the drop. Or simply become a Wholesale Member by Joining Now and buy at wholesale pricing."

The CBD oil industry is booming. Essential oils used for thousands of years are being recognized as a holistic way to deal with health issues. Many people get tremendous results. Knowledge in these areas is expanding rapidly.

Affiliate Members

It's fun to help people, and we have the tools and processes to make it easier:

  • product training
  • business training
  • sales training
  • simple business plan
  • personal website option
  • easy purchase and check out
  • no need to stock up on inventory
  • highest quality products available
  • sales aids

All of this is designed to help you make more money, to rise to the top, and to develop residual income month after month, year after year.

Our commission structure is unprecedented in the industry. We offer a total of 40% commissions on overall sales through 8 levels (see section below). There are other programs that claim to have higher commission levels, but it's on a reduced "business volume." We pay on wholesale volume (WV). This means your commission is based on the current wholesale price of the product.

Additionally, your downline is your downline for life. No matter how well they sell, and even if they sell more than you do, you will still receive the full commissions owed to you.* We don't focus on recruiting, we focus on sales. Our goal is to get as much product into the people's hands as possible.

When you sign up to buy our products at wholesale, you may also at your choice ask others to sell our products as well.

If you're ready to make a healthy difference and a financial difference then sign up with Botany Bay Oils - you'll be glad you did! Remember, you can always count on Botany Bay Oils to bring you pure, pharmaceutical grade, organically grown zero THC CBD oil products as well as pharmaceutical therapeutic grade USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils.

Affiliate Chart



Level 1: For every product someone buys through you directly, you are paid a 20% commission on the current wholesale value. This happens every time they buy a product.

Level 2: If that person decides to become an affiliate and they sell to another person, you get paid 2% for that sale.

Level 3: If the buyer in level 2 decides to become an affiliate and they sell to someone, you get 2% of that sale.

Levels 4-8: As people sell to others and encourage the buyers to become affiliates, You will be paid a portion of each of those sales in the percentages outlined on the table below.

Again, these commissions are not limited to one-time purchases. Every time someone in one of your levels buys something, you get the respective amount of commission. As long as you qualify, you will receive commissions monthly on all eligible sales.**

You can use and offer our oils with confidence. For only $30 a year you can be part of the Botany Bay Oils - Health By the Drop Affiliate Community. Welcome aboard!


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*Based on that affiliate's place in your downline.

**Minimum personal wholesale volume applies. Must meet all qualifications set forth in the Affilliate Agreement.